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The Indian Ocean

ISBN: 382-287-756-5

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...ch larger climate variability than observed during the last few decades or a century," writes co-author Kaustubh Thirumalai, from ... Sea Turtles Of The Indian Ocean | Olive Ridley Project ... ... The Indian Ocean is the third-largest component of the so-called World Ocean (as all of Earth's subcategorized oceans are connected), lying between the Atlantic and Pacific and framed by Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica. The great majority of the ocean lies south of the Equator, and major islands are relatively few. Indian Ocean economies accounted for 35.5% of global iron production and 17.8% of world gold production in 2017. 2 The region wa ... Indian Ocean - Wikipedia ... . Indian Ocean economies accounted for 35.5% of global iron production and 17.8% of world gold production in 2017. 2 The region was also responsible for 28% of global fish capture in 2016, and there has been a continuous increase in fish capture in the region since the 1950s. Indian Ocean - Indian Ocean - Upwelling: Upwelling is a seasonal phenomenon in the Indian Ocean because of the monsoon regime. During the southwest monsoon, upwelling occurs off the Somali and Arabian coasts and south of Java. It is most intense between 5° and 11° N, with replacement of warmer surface water by water of about 57 °F (14 °C). The Indian Ocean Basin is becoming an important topic in middle and high school world history and geography courses, but one for which there are few instructional resources. This web-based resource helps teachers incorporate the Indian Ocean into world history studies by illustrating a variety of interactions that took place in the Indian Ocean ... Indian Ocean covers about 20% of the ocean water in the world and by this kind of percentage we knew that a lot of species of marine animal live there. But then just because this some species of endangered species still exist and some of them are wild doesn't mean that we still can ignore them. Indian Ocean is the only ocean in the world which has been named after a country. 2. Of all the countries sharing the Indian Ocean, India has the longest coastline with this ocean. 3. In terms of size, the Indian Ocean is world's 3rd largest ocean. The two that are bigger than the Indian Ocean are Atlantic Ocean (2nd) and the Pacific Ocean (1st). Part 1 of our Swahili Coast articles mainly discussed the role of Arab and Persian merchants in East African commerce.But the Indian Ocean was an integrated whole, with extensive trade among all peoples on the coasts.Objects from India appear in the archaeological record from as early as the 7th century AD, and trade colonies of Indian merchants are well-attested by the year 1000. All the latest breaking news on Indian Ocean. Browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on Indian Ocean....