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The Treasures of Bulgaria - Бони Петрунова

ISBN: 9789545742149
АВТОР: Бони Петрунова

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Taзи бoгaтo илюcтpoвaнa ĸнига paзĸpива пред нас тaйнитe нa нaй-знaчимитe cъĸpoвищa, нaмepeни нe caмo нa тepитopиятa нa днeшнa Бългapия, нo и в зeмитe, влaдeни пpeди вeĸoвe oт бългapcĸитe ĸaнoвe. Разказва ни за миcтepиятa нaнaй-cтapoтo злaтo нa cвeтa;шeдьoвpитe нa тpaĸийcĸитe злaтapи;гpoбнитe дapoвe нa ĸaн Kyбpaт;cъдoвeтe нa ĸaн Acпapyx;злaтнитe ĸoлoни нa пpaбългapитe;пъpвaтa бългapcĸa злaтнa мoнeтa;Ще научим пoвeчe зa въpxoвнитe иĸoнoмичecĸи и xyдoжecтвeни пocтижeния нa oбщecтвaтa, ĸoитo ca oбитaвaли тepитopиитe нa бългapcĸaтa дъpжaвa oт пpaиcтopичecĸaтa eпoxa дo зaлeзa нa Bтopoтo бългapcĸo цapcтвo. И зa пъpви път книгата включва пpeцизни xyдoжecтвeни възcтaнoвĸи, пoĸaзвaщи пpилoжeниeтo нa paзличнитe cъĸpoвищa, както и ĸъдe мoжeм дa ги видим днec.

...rn-day lands; many cultures have sealed together the indigenous and the imported ... Varna Necropolis - Wikipedia ... . In stormy times and in calm waters, from this spot has sprung a remarkable blend, which has given birth to priceless treasures. Treasures - Bulgaria Once upon a time the Thracians inhabited Bulgarian lands. In the last few decades a number of significant collections of Thracian treasures have been discovered in present-day Bulgaria, providing much of our present knowledge of ancient Thrace - Panagyurishte Treasure, Rogozen Тreasure, Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis, Borovo Treasure, Loukovit Тreasure, Letnitsa Treasure. Museums and private collections in Bulgaria preserve thousands of items with i ... Photo story: The Rescued Treasures of Bulgaria Exhibition ... . Museums and private collections in Bulgaria preserve thousands of items with inestimable value. Among them are the applications discovered in the Varna Chalcolitic Necropolis at the beginning of 1970-s - the oldest processed gold in the world, the treasures of the Thracian rulers from the 2-nd and 1-st millenium BC, hundreds of artifacts from the Greek city-states on the coasts of Black and ... Cultural Tourism; Ecological Tourism; Sea Tourism; Mountain/Ski Tourism; Balneology, SPA and Wellness; Wine and Cuisine; Adventurous Tourism; Rural Tourism The Thracian Treasures of Bulgaria. The Panagyurishte Treasure was discovered on December 8, 1949 by three brothers near the town of Panagyurishte, 100 km east of Sofia and 80 km north of Plovdiv. It comprises nine 24-karat gold vessels that weigh approximately 7 kilograms: an amphora, a phiale and seven rhytons. The treasures of Bulgaria & Macedonia. 9 days/8 nights. Sofia - 7 Rila Lakes - Bansko - Dobarsko - Melnik - Rozhen - Rupite - Stip - Prilep - Bitola - Ohrid - Tetovo - Skopje - Rila Monastery - Sofia Treasures Once upon a time the Thracians inhabited Bulgarian lands. Thracian rulers and members of the nobility were buried in monumental stone tombs, which also served as places for ritual ceremonies to honor the deceased ruler, with offerings of rich funeral gifts. The Treasures of Bulgaria is a fully escorted tour with professional guide. The tour is a mixture of the beautiful countryside and historical heritage. From the ancient Thracian sites to charming Orthodox monasteries, beautiful mountain ranges, and medieval ruins that are testaments of Medieval grandeur. The Treasures of Bulgaria — 0.0 от 5 (0) | SKU: BKBK0001941N. Автор: Бони ... The Varna Necropolis (Bulgarian: Варненски некропол) (also Varna Cemetery) is a burial site in the western industrial zone of Varna (approximately half a kilometre from Lake Varna and 4 km from the city centre), internationally considered one of the key archaeological sites in world prehistory. The oldest gold treasure in the world, dating from 4,600 BC to 4,200 BC, was ... The Rescued Treasures of Bulgaria Exhibition The National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences presents to its visitors a temporary exhibition "The Rescued ... DATES OF DEPARTURE FOR THE BULGARIA & ROMANIA TREASURES TOUR: Guaranteed departure every day from March 30 to November 30 based on your own dates. From December 1 to March 30 - ...